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We help you make coffee you love. No two people are the same, but most of us have one thing in common: we need coffee to function every day.

That's why Coffee Or Whatever is committed to helping you find your perfect cup of joe. We're here for all your java needs—whether that means buying a new shaker or sourcing an ethical iced latte recipe with just three ingredients - and it doesn't matter if you're drinking black iced coffee or iced vanilla lattes with whipped cream on top.

There's a coffee out there for everyone, so let us help you find it.

Whether you want to read about the latest trends in coffee, discover an obscure Vietnamese iced sweet drip or cut down your morning brew time with a smarter approach - we've got everything covered at Coffee Or Whatever from coffee from around the world from our favorite brands to how you can make the best cold brew at home.

And we'll always be brewing up new content, so check back soon for more in-depth coffee features and interviews with your favorite roasters and baristas.

But that's not all! We know it can be tough to navigate the world of java (there are over 500 different species after all) and we're always here for you if you need a little help.

That's why we've compiled the most comprehensive coffee glossary in the galaxy. It has over 600 words from acai to zywiec, so whether you want to learn how to order a kopi luwak or understand what a yirgacheffe tastes like, we've got you covered.

And that's not where our commitment to all things coffee ends. We want to make sure that by the time you leave Coffee Or Whatever, you have the tools you need to continue your journey through the wonderful world of caffeine.

That's why when you do decide it's time for a delicious cup of coffee, you can source ethical beans right here .

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